DF22: Long term impacts

Evaluation of Long-term impacts in LCA

Hellweg S, Frischknecht R, Evaluation of Long-Term Impacts in LCA,
Conference report: 22nd discussion forum on LCA,
International Journal of LCA, 9 (5), 2004, 339-341

Rolf Frischknecht: Welcome and Motivation
     Presentation Frischknecht DF22

Gabor Doka: Modelling of long-term emissions in LCIs of landfills
     Presentation Doka DF22
     Modelling waste incineration & landfilling  (WasteModelsHellwegEtAl2001.pdf)

Mark Huijbregts: Time horizon dependency in toxicity potentials
     Presentation Huijbregts DF22
     Dynamic LCIA Model (dynamicLCIAmodelHuijbregts.pdf)

Patrick Hofstetter, Ruedi Müller-Wenk: LCA impact pathways and time-lags, an overview
     Presentation Müller-Wenk DF22
     Time aspects
     LCA impact pathways and time-lags, an overview

Stefanie Hellweg: Discounting in LCA
     Presentation Hellweg DF22
     Discounting and the environment

Anton Leist: Assessment of long-term damages to the environment:
     Ethical questions

Group Discussion Abstracts:
     Group 1: Tradeoff between current and future impacts?
     Group 2: Consequences for LCI method development
     Group 3: Consequences for LCIA method development