DF24: Sustainable Consumption

Invitation and program


Josef Kaenzig, EPFL:
Environmental decision-making in sustainable consumption: Assessment of key desicions and case studies

Carmen Tanner, University of Zürich:
About consumer's difficulties in evaluating environmental products

Sybil Anwander, Coop:
The responsibility of Coop in promoting sustainable consumption

Ari Nissinen, Finnish Environment Institute:
Development of benchmarks for the LCA-based environmental information on consumer products, services and consumption patterns

Tony Taylor, Unilever:
Sustainable consumption via new product formats

Yannik Le Guern, Bio Intelligence Service:
The use of life cycle assessment in the European integrated product policy

Arnold Tukker, TNO:
Towards sustainable consumption: lessons from the projects EIPRO and SusProNet, and implications for the Sustainable Consumption Research Exchange network

Patrick Hofstetter, Büro für Analyse und Ökologie:
Happiness - the functional unit of sustainable consumption

Katarina Korytarova, IIASA and University of Amsterdam:
Environmental impact of household consumption

Kristian Juric, University of Vienna:
Time as a functional unit in comparative life cycle assessment of immaterial and material consumption systems
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Guido Sonnemann:
Sustainable Consumption - The UNEP vision