19th Discussion Forum on Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Impact Assessment of Pesticides –
When Active Substances are Spread into the Environment.
Thursday, 27 March 2003

Location: ETH Zürich, Main Building G60

9.30 Registration, Coffee    
9.45 Welcome and Introduction Prof. Konrad Hungerbühler ETH Zürich
10.00 Impacts of Pesticide Leaching in an LCA on the product development of pesticides Georg Geisler ETH Zürich
10.45 Estimating pesticide emissions for life cycle assessment of agricultural products Prof. Michael Hauschild Technical University of Denmark
11.30 Break    
11.45 Pesticides fate in agricultural plants and related impacts on human health Prof. Olivier Jolliet EPF Lausanne
12.30 Short presentations    
  Pesticides effect evaluation in the LCA of greenhouse tomato crops Maria Assumpció Antón IRTA, Cabrils, Spain
  Pesticides in cotton agriculture Sebastien Humbert EPF Lausanne
13.00 Lunch    
14.00 Short presentations    
  Environmental LCA assessment of the Swiss federal program "extensive production of cereals and rape seed" Dr. Gerard Gaillard Swiss Federal Research Station for Agroecology and Agriculture, Reckenholz
  Risk assessment of pesticide in rivers for single substances and for mixtures Nathalie Chèvre EAWAG, Dübendorf
  Life Cycle Impact Assessment of Life Cycle Impact Assessment of pesticides on aquatic ecosystems pesticides on aquatic ecosystems The AMI method The AMI method (Assessment of Mean Impact) Jerome Payet EPF Lausanne
14.45 Environmental Fate and Exposure Assessments for Pesticides - Risk assessments and Regional Mass balances Dr. Andreas Huber Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Basel
15.30 Environmental Safety of Pesticides Dr. Markus D. Müller Plant Protection Chemistry, Swiss Federal Research Station, Wädenswil
16.15 Final discussion    
16.45 End of the Forum