32. Diskussionsforum Ökobilanzen
32th LCA Discussion Forum

Cradle to grave of electronics:
From production in China to Recycling in Switzerland

Elektronik von der Wiege bis zur Bahre:
Von der Produktion in China bis zum Recycling in der Schweiz (held in English)

Thursday, 7th of June 2007, 9:45 - 17:30h
Empa Akademie, Duebendorf

Programm              (as from May 14, 2007)

Presented documents not yet available


09:15 Registration, Coffee
09:45 Welcome

Roland Hischier & Martin Streicher (Empa, St. Gallen)

09:50 Sino Swiss Scientific Cooperation

Haijing Wang (ETH, Zürich) [10 Min]: Cooperation Principle & ….

10:00 LCA: State of the Art in China

Jianxin Yang (Chinese Academy of Science) [15 Min]: LCA inventories in China – state of the art

10:15 LCA of Electronics Production & Products
  • Roland Hischier (Empa, St. Gallen) [15 Min]: LCI of electronics in ecoinvent v2
  • Marion Tobler (ETH, Zürich) [15 Min]: LCA of a printed circuit assembly
  • Winco Yung (Polytechnic University, Hong Kong) [15 Min]: LCA of electronics

plus Discussion [15 Min]

11:15 Coffee Break
11:45 e-Waste: environmental impacts and their quantification
  • Jaco Huisman (NL) [15 Min]: the QWERTY-concept
  • Leo Morf (CH) [15 Min]: WEEE residues in municipal solid waste
  • Ming H. Wong (HK) [15 Min]: Toxicological effects of EoL treatment of electronics
  • Wolfram Scharnhorst (NL, tbc) [15 Min]: LCA EoL UMTS Network

pl plus Discussion [15 Min]

13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Application of LCA data of electronic products

--> Possibility for short presentations: please apply for such a 5-min-presentation …

14:30 Workshops Introduction into the two workshops by the workshop leaders [15 Min]
  What data do we have – what data do
we want (knowledge and gaps)?

Moderation: Roland Hischier

Input presentations [10 min, each]:

Consultant (tbc) & industry (tbc)

Closing of material cycles – international job sharing! Do the latter facilitate the

Moderation: Martin Streicher-Porte

Input presentations [10 min, each]:

Chen Xu (SEPA), Jaco Huisman (HRR), Marco
Buletti (BAFU), Li Jinhui (BCRC)

16:45 Synthesis

Report from the two workshops (workshop moderation) [10 Min]
Questions & Discussion [20 Min]

17:15 Closing Remarks & Farewell

 tbc: presentations not yet confirmed by the respective author(s)