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DF 63: 63rd LCA Discussion Forum

DF 63 — How can LCA support the circular economy?

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Wednesday, 30 November, 2016, ETH Zürich, Alumni Pavilion

The concept of Circular Economy is gaining popularity in Europe and elsewhere. Both the recycling of waste and a (recycling friendly) eco-design are components of a Circular Economy. How can LCA support the creation of a Circular Economy? How can LCA be used to ensure a positive balance of efforts and benefits? How shall substituted materials and products be accounted for, who can claim the benefit, and how is resource quality taken into consideration? How can wastes and resources be managed to minimize their environmental impacts? How can products be designed in an eco-friendly manner to close material cycles?

The 3rd discussion forum this year will give the floor to representatives from industry, authorities, academics, and organisations to present new applications and approaches of LCA in combination with various other environmental assessment tools (e.g. MFA, LCA and/or mathematical optimization) to manage wastes and resources sustainably and to support decision-making towards a circular economy. A focus will be laid on factors relevant for the benefits of the circular economy, such as waste and resource quality aspects and their influence on the recycling system, as well as product quality. Finally, examples of LCA applications for eco-design, waste management and ystemic analyses across sectors will be shown.
We look forward to meeting you in Zürich

Melanie Haupt, ESD/ETH Zürich
Mischa Zschokke, Carbotech AG

Organizing Committee

Preliminary programme (as of 21 September 2016):

Download:    DF63_preliminary programme_v160921.pdf 

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