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DF 72: 72nd LCA Discussion Forum

DF 72 — Normalization and weighting. The forgotten theme in LCA.

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Monday, 9 September 2019, ETH Zürich, Alumni (GEP) Pavillon

To draw the right conclusions based on environmental indicators can be a challenging task due to the consideration of a broad variety of environmental impacts that show diverging results. Many LCA practitioners seek help in interpreting diverging results in different impact categories by applying single score LCIA methods. But the ISO standards do not support weighting for publishing comparative LCA. Nevertheless, the increasing need for unequivocal results lead to the development of single score impact assessment method.

This DF focuses on the present state of normalization and weighting in LCA. The statements in ISO 14040 are taken as one of the baselines, e.g. concerning internal and external normalization and hints on interpretation. The ongoing developments for the technical specification on this theme (ISO/TS 14074) are covered. Approaches broadening this view in ISO will be presented as well.

An overview on present schemes such as the ILCD recommendations for LCIA and further developments within the EU Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) initiative will be provided. Another key question will be: How useful is the concept of the carrying capacity or the planetary boundaries for aggregating indicator scores?

A discussion of different weighting methods should shed more light on the uncertainties and differences of various approaches (e.g. transparency, completeness, applicability). The forum should launch further discussion about these issues to initiate also a revision of standards like ISO 14040/44/74 to better reflect the current state of the art.

In summary, the DF aims at a critical discussion and review of currently available methods for normalization and weighting to promote a better understanding of the complex topic and controversial
debate in the scientific community. How ISO standards on weighting, normalization and grouping can be implemented in the future are identified. Research needs are formulated to foster progress in this field of LCA application.

This forum aims to provide a fertile ground for discussion between LCA researchers, practitioners and other people interested in the interpretation and development of normalization and weighting methods.


Download:    DF72_tentative_programme_v190705.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:45  Registration, coffee & croissants    
9:10  Welcome and introduction to the day Christoph Meili  ESU-services 
  Method [Chair: Christoph Meili]   
9:20  Normalization and weighting of sustainability indicators: current status and main challenges Andreas Roesch  Agroscope 
9:45  Normalization and weighting in ISO standards Kurt Buxmann  SNV NK 174 
10:05  Coffee break    
  Research [Chair: Andreas Roesch]   
10:35  Normalization and weighting as applied in PEF (ILCD method) Serenella Sala  EC JRC 
11:00  The influence of normalization and weighting on results by different possibilities given in the ISO Standard Niels Jungbluth  ESU-services 
11:25  Weighting in non-LCA multi-criteria sustainability assessments: The case of the SMART-Farm Tool Christian Schader  FiBL 
11:50  Development of normalization and weighting factors for G20 countries Norihiro Itsubo (on video)   Tokyo City University 
12:15  Discussion    
12:25  Lunch    
  Short Presentations    
13:25  Participants can announce themselves with their inscription: Please contact
Niels Jungbluth (jungbluth (at) esu-services.ch) and
Andreas Roesch (andreas.roesch (at) agroscope.admin.ch)
for proposing themes.
10'  Does the approach on weighting in the Swiss ecological scarcity method allow a consistent evaluation? Discuss Grouping as an influencing factor Niels Jungbluth  ESU-services 
10'  Comparison of Swiss and European eco-factors Arthur Braunschweig  E2 Management 
  Politics [Chair: Niels Jungbluth]   
14:15  Why are single score indicators preferable? Alessandra Zamagni  ecoinnovazione 
14:40  Consistent normalization approach for Life Cycle Assessment based on a study-specific reference system Arnaud Hélias  TU Berlin/Irstea 
15:05  Comment on standardization developments concerning normalization and weighting and its use in LCA Lorenç Milà I Canals   UN LC Initiative 
15:30  Discussion    
15:40  Coffee break    
16:05  Relevance of a single score approach and planetary boundaries from the Swiss policy perspective Josef Känzig  FOEN (BAFU) 
16:30  Discussion    
  Wrap-up, announcements and farewell    
16:45  Wrap up and announcements Niels Jungbluth  ESU-services 
16:55  Farewell    
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