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DF 65: 65th LCA Discussion Forum

DF 65 — How suitable is LCA for Nanotechnology assessment?

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Wednesday, 24 May 2017, ETH Zürich, Alumni Pavilion

Ten years ago, participants to an international workshop in Washington D.C. on “Nanotechnology and Life Cycle Assessment” concluded that, a priori, the LCA ISO framework is fully suitable for the assessment of nanomaterials and nano-products, despite notable shortcomings in the availability of inventory data and missing evaluation instruments for impact assessment. Since then, various actors have worked extensively on these aspects with the goal of ensuring that traditional and nano-specific environmental issues can be assessed within a unified, comprehensive and consistent framework.

This discussion forum will provide an overview of the key challenges that face practitioners and data providers when undertaking LCA of nanotechnology and will present possible solutions. The opening session will outline the need for environmental assessment of nanotechnologies in light of growing interest in nanomaterials for consumer and industrial applications and prevailing concern for the potential environmental impacts of nanoparticle emissions. The possible role of LCA in guiding environmentally-responsible innovation for emerging nanotechnologies will then be discussed. The second session will focus on prospective modelling of nanotechnologies and will consider how uncertainty should be dealt with in LCA of emerging technologies. A key question to be addressed is whether or not labscale data can or should be used as a basis to assess the potential impacts of intended future plant-scale production and, if so, what methods could be applied. Case studies will be presented to provide insights into how these issues have been dealt with in reality. The third session will outline why and how existing LCIA models must be modified (in terms of fate, exposure, and toxicity modelling) to enable more representative evaluation of the potential impacts of nanoparticle/nanomaterial emissions. In the fourth and final session, the potential added values of combining LCA with risk assessment (RA) approaches will be discussed, highlighting the potential for enhancing our knowledge of how nanotechnologies affect the environment, human health, and society.

This forum aims to provide a fertile ground for discussion between LCA researchers, practitioners and other people interested in the sustainable development of nanotechnologies.


Preliminary programme (as of 18 May 2017):

Download:    DF65_prel_prog_v170518.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:30  Registration, coffee & croissants    
  Perspectives on environmental assessment of nanotechnology [Moderator: Arthur Haarman, Empa]   
9:00  Welcome and introduction:
State-of-art and challenges when applying LCA to nanotechnology
Roland Hischier  Empa, St. Gallen (CH) 
9:25  Regulation of Nanomaterials – the relevance of LCA and RA Tobias Walser  Vereala, Zürich (CH) 
9:50  Industrial perspective on nanotechnology development n.n.   
10:15  Discussion    
10:30  Coffee break    
  Prospective modelling for nanotechnology [Moderator: Didier Beloin-Saint-Pierre, Empa]   
11:00  Exploring prospective application of LCA to enhance technological development Marco Villares  Delft (NL) 
11:25  Prospective modelling and effect from uncertainties n.n.  MINES ParisTech, Nice (F) 
11:50  Discussion    
  Short presentations [Moderator: Roland Hischier, Empa]   
12:10  A comparison of two methods for probabilistic modelling of ENM emissions along their life cycle Véronique Adam  Empa, St. Gallen (CH) 
12:20  Decision-making concept on medical nanoparticles Peter Weyell  University of Jena (D) 
12:30  A network perspective reveals decreasing material diversity in studies on nanoparticle interactions with dissolved organic matter Nicole Sani-Kast  ETH, Zürich (CH) 
12:45  Lunch    
  Impact assessment methods for nanotechnology [Moderator: Beatrice Salieri, Empa]   
13:45  Toxic effects from nanoparticles: limits and gaps in the assessment Savvina Chortarea   Empa, St. Gallen (CH) 
14:10  Modelling of releases of nanoparticles into the environment Fadri Gottschalk   ETSS, Scuol (CH) 
14:35  Integrating fate and toxicity of engineered nanoparticles into LCIA Olivier Jolliet  Michigan State University (USA) 
14:50  Discussion    
15:15  Coffee break    
  Combining LCA and risk assessment (RA) for nanotechnology [Moderator: David Turner, Empa]   
15:45  GUIDEnano: A Tool for Risk Assessment of nano-enabled products considering the whole life cycle Socorro Vázquez-Campos   LEITAT, Barcelona (E) 
16:10  LCA and RA for nanotechnologies: complementarities and challenges Elorri Igos  LIST, Luxembourg (L) 
16:35  Discussion    
  Wrap-up and announcements    
17:00  Wrap-up and announcements Roland Hischier  Empa, St. Gallen (CH) 
17:15  Farewell    
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