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DF 60: 60th LCA Discussion Forum

DF 60 — Environmental Use of Wood Resources

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Friday, December 4, 2015, ETH Zurich

Dear colleagues with an interest in Life Cycle Assessment,

We cordially invite you to the 60th Discussion Forum on Life Cycle Assessment
The official language of this event is English

Wood is a renewable resource that can be used for a large number of applications ranging from material to chemical to energy applications. In the past, wood resources have been underused in Switzerland, but this is changing rapidly with the demand for more environmentally sustainable products and energy. It is therefore crucial to use the available wood resources in an ecologically optimal way.

With this last forum in 2015, we intend to provide to the participants a new perspective on the issue of the ecological use of wood resources and its relevance from various viewpoints of e.g. scientists, of policy makers as well as of practitioners. The forum starts in its first part with a description of the most recent developments in the area of life cycle inventory modelling, followed by an overview of the latest advances in carbon accounting as well as impact assessment. After this update on methodological issues, a broad part of the day will be dealing with various aspects of the application of wood – from the use as construction material to an energetic use – and the related environmental consequences. In the afternoon we will take a systemic perspective looking on an optimisation of the wood management. For closure, a panel discussion will look at the open issues that research has to deal with in order to further enhance an environmentally optimal use of wood resources.

We look forward to meeting you in Zürich
on behalf of the Organizing Committee

Bernhard Steubing – ETH Zürich
Roland Hischier – EMPA St. Gallen
Florian Suter - ETH Zürich
Niko Heeren – ETH Zürich

Final Programme

Download:    DF60-Programme_Wood_Resources.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:30  Registration, coffee and croissants    
9:00  Welcome and introduction
Bernhard Steubing  ETH Zurich 
  New LCI Data for the Swiss/European wood chain [Chair: Roland Hischier]   
9:10  Life cycle inventories of wood in ecoinvent version 3.2
Frank Werner  Environment & Development  
  Advances in carbon accounting and impact assessment [Chair: Roland Hischier]   
9:30  State of the art of climate impact assessment of forest products in LCA
Frida Røyne   SP Sweden  
9:50  Biogenic carbon emissions and climate impact dynamics
Francesco Cherubini   NTNU Norway 
10:10  The global impact of wood consumption on biodiversity
Abhishek Chaudhary   ETH Zurich 
10:30  Discussion    
10:45  Break    
  LCA of wood applications (construction, energy) [Chair: Florian Suter]   
11:15  The role of wood for the Swiss building stock
Niko Heeren  ETH Zurich 
11:35  Carbon footprint of wood as construction products – Norwegian practice and research
Lars Tellnes  Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology 
11:45  Towards a strategy for wood-energy in State Vaud through environmental assessments of various technologies of wood transformation
Denis Bochatay  Quantis 
12:05  Environmental impacts of shifting energy wood utilizations in the Bavarian heating mix
Christian Wolf  TU Munich 
12:25  Discussion    
12:40  Lunch break    
  LCA of innovative wood products and wood energy systems (short presentations) [Chair: Niko Heeren]   
13:40  LCA of an innovative glue and metal free wall element
Philippe Stolz  treeze 
13:50  LCA of ultra-light particle boards
Christelle Ganne-Chédeville   Bern University of Applied Sciences 
14:00  Wood Modification and Life Cycle Assessment
Andreja Kutnar  University of Primorska 
14:10  LCA – The key for the production of green chemicals and energy in biorefinery concepts from wood
Merten Morales  ETH Zurich 
14:20  The climate change mitigation potential of forest biomass production and its utilization in Finland
Antti Kilpeläinen  University of Eastern Finland 
14:30  Discussion    
14:45  Break    
  Environmentally optimal wood management (systemic perspective) [Chair: Bernhard  Steubing]   
15:15  An environmental perspective on the management of wood in Switzerland (NFP 66 project results)
Florian Suter   ETH Zurich 
15:35  Life cycle impact of the European forestry-wood chain (FORMIT project results)
Giuseppe Cardellini   KU Leuven  
15:55  Climate benefits of material substitution by forest biomass and harvested wood products (Climwood 2030 project results)
DF60-16_Werner_Climwood_2030 - not available
Frank Werner   Environment & Development  
  How can future research contribute to an environmentally optimal use of wood resources?
Moderator: Bernhard  Steubing   
16:15  Panel discussion with experts from science, policy and industry: Paolo Camin  Federal Office of the Environment BAFU 
  Content: Prof. Dr. Stefanie Hellweg   ETH Zurich 
  --- scientific, industrial and policy needs Prof. Dr. Klaus Richter  TU Munich 
  --- questions collected during the day from audience Dr. Martin Riediker   President Swiss NRP 66 “Resource Wood” 
  Hansueli Schmid  Lignum 
  Dr. Frank Werner   Environment & Development  
  Announcements & Farewell    
17:00  Announcements Roland Hischier  EMPA St. Gallen 
17:10  Farewell    
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