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DF 57: 57th LCA Discussion Forum

Life cycle assessment in the building sector: analytical tools, environmental information and labels.

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Tuesday, December 2, 2014, ETH Zurich

Dear colleagues with an interest in Life Cycle Assessment,

We cordially invite you to the 57th Discussion Forum on Life Cycle Assessment
The official language of this event is English

Buildings are an important consumer of energy and an important source of greenhouse gas emissions. In the last decade buildings and their environmental impacts are getting more and more attention. Analytical tools are being developed, environmental information based on environmental product declarations is being standardised and several sustainability and environmental tools and labelling schemes are being used in Switzerland. The discussion forum will provide an overview on different tools, information and labelling schemes, highlighting common aspects and main differences. The application of life cycle based information in the planning process is presented from the perspectives of building owners, practitioners and industry. The situation in neighbouring countries is described and the influence of the European Union’s construction products' regulation on the current landscape of environmental tools and labels is discussed. Results from recent research projects are shown. Needs and expectations from the viewpoint of building owners, planners and architects, and suppliers, respectively will be discussed. The goal of the discussion forum is to support informed decisions about the most appropriate environmental information and labelling schemes for the coming decade.

We look forward to meeting you in Zurich!

Rolf Frischknecht, on behalf of the organising committee

Final Programme

Download:    DF57-Programme LCA in the building sector.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:30  Registration, coffee and croissants    
9:15  Welcome and introduction
DF57-00 Introduction DF57 - Frischknecht.pdf
Rolf Frischknecht  treeze (Switzerland) 
  Setting the scene [Franziska Wyss]  [ Moderator ] 
9:20  The Swiss landscape of environmental information in the construction sector
DF57-01 Kellenberger - Swiss Landscape.pdf
Daniel Kellenberger  Intep (Switzerland) 
9:40  The demand for environmental information: why do we rely on life cycle assessment data (KBOB-recommendation)?
DF57-02 Lalive.pdf
Annick Lalive  City of Zurich (Switzerland) 
10:00  The use of environmental information in the planning process: why do we use life cycle based information?
DF57-03 Huber.pdf
Manfred Huber  aardeplan (Switzerland) 
10:20  The supply of environmental information: why do we provide transparent LCA data to the KBOB-recommendation?
DF57-04 Hofstetter.pdf
Dominic Hofstetter  Flumroc (Switzerland) 
10:40  Coffee break    
  Situation in European countries [Franziska Wyss]  [ Moderator ] 
11:10  Environmental assessment of buildings in Germany
DF57-05 Luetzkendorf.pdf
Thomas Lützkendorf  KIT, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (Germany) 
11:30  Environmental assessment of buildings in Austria
DF57-06 Passer.pdf
Alexander Passer  TU Graz (Austria) 
11:50  Environmental assessment of buildings in France
DF57-07 Lasvaux - Situation France.pdf
Sébastien Lasvaux  CSTB, Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (France) 
12:10  Lunch break    
  Future developments in European legislation, harmonisation and research [Rolf Frischknecht]  [ Moderator ] 
13:10  The European Union's construction products' regulation: its mechanisms and potential consequences on the current landscape of environmental labels and tools in the construction sector
DF57-08 Bossenmayer.pdf
Andreas Bossenmayer  OFCL, Swiss Federal office for construction and logistics (Switzerland) 
13:30  Overview of EU harmonisation of building environmental assessment tools and labelling: the EeBGuide
DF57-09 Lasvaux - EeBGuide.pdf
Sébastien Lasvaux  CSTB, Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (France) 
13:50  The Standard Sustainable Construction Switzerland: experiences and perspectives
DF57-10 Kellenberger - Standard SNBS.pdf
Daniel Kellenberger  Intep (Switzerland) 
14:10  Target values regarding environmental impacts of buildings
DF57-11 Wyss.pdf
Franziska Wyss  treeze (Switzerland) 
14:30  The environmental significance of construction: the case of wood buildings
DF57-12 Heeren.pdf
Niko Heeren  ETHZ (Switzerland) 
14:50  Coffee break    
  Short presentations and Plenary discussion [Rolf Frischknecht]  [ Moderator ] 
15:20  Compatibility of elevator PCR (draft) with other tools and standards
DF57-13 Stettler.pdf
Cornelia Stettler  Carbotech (Switzerland) 
15:30  Harmonization in the construction sector: a global EPD Tool for cement and concrete
DF57-14 Mankaa.pdf
Rose Mankaa  Italcementi Group (Italy) 
15:40  Life Cycle Assessment, wood products and building materials – on-going activities in COST Actions FP1303 and FP1407
DF57-15 Kutnar.pdf
Andreja Kutnar  University of Primorska, Koper (Slovenia) 
15:50  Modelling the use phase of building materials: Approach and preliminary results
DF57-16 Savi.pdf
Daniel Savi  Büro für Umweltchemie (Switzerland) 
16:00  Mainstreaming life-cycle analysis for buildings and materials
DF57-17 Brown.pdf
Andrea Brown  Director, WBCSD Safe and Sustainable Materials Cluster 
16:10  Needs, requirements and expectations related to environmental information on buildings Plenary discussion   
16:30  Wrap-up    
16:35  News from the LCA forum association, announcement of DF 58 and 2015 programme Yves Loerincik,
Stefanie Hellweg 
Quantis Intl. (Switzerland),
ETHZ (Switzerland) 
16:45  Farewell    
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