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DF 56: 56th LCA Discussion Forum

Are Environmental Declarations of Products and Organisations the way to harmonise LCAs?

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Tuesday, September 9, 2014, ETH Zurich

Dear colleagues with an interest in Life Cycle Assessment,

We cordially invite you to the 56th Discussion Forum on Life Cycle Assessment
The official language of this event is English

In the last years, several initiatives were taken in order to harmonise the LCA-based methods for products and organisations. A recent example is the EU environmental footprint initiative “Single Market for Green Products” which aims at enabling a comparison of environmental performances between similar products and companies. In this context methodological guidelines are developed such as PEF, PEFCR, OEF, OEFCR and ENVIFOOD protocol. Which other initiatives aiming at harmonisation of LCA-based methods are currently under development? Are the expectations of the stakeholders met? Is harmonisation of LCA-based methods on track? The discussion forum will give the floor to European and Swiss legislators, LCA researchers, LCA practitioners and industries participating in the 3-year pilot phase of the EU-initiative, to discuss the challenges associated with the harmonisation of measuring and communicating life cycle environmental performance of products and organisations.

The following topics will be discussed during the plenary discussion:
• ISO 14040ff, ISO 14025, ISO 14046, ISO 14067 and more specific initiatives, rules such as GHG Product Standard, EPD, ECO platform, PEF/PEFCR, OEF/OEFSR, Life Cycle Initiative Guidance ... A conflict or harmony?
• Where do we need universal harmonisation? Where is for example a sector-, or product group- specific harmonisation sufficient?
• Which LCA topics are harmonised or easily harmonisable ? Which topics resist harmonisation? How to deal with the latter?
• What are the consequences for database and software providers and for LCA practitioners?
• How to harmonise the different programmes publishing Environmental Product Declarations and Product Category Rules? Which level of harmonisation is necessary to meet the principle of comparability?

We look forward to meeting you in Zurich!

Niels Jungbluth (ESU-services Ltd.), Frank Hayer, Geneviève Doublet (BAFU), Patrik Mouron (Agroscope)
Organization committee, 56th LCA Discussion Forum

Final Programme

Download:    DF56-Programme Harmonisation of LCA.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:30  Registration, Coffee and Croissants    
9:00  Welcome and introduction
DF56-00 Introduction Hayer.pdf
Frank Hayer  FOEN (Switzerland) 
  Session 1: Presentation of harmonisation initiatives Chair: Niels Jungbluth   ESU-services (Switzerland) 
9:15  Global standard: ISO Standard 14040ff and 14067. Can ISO support full harmonisation?
DF56-01 Buxmann.pdf
Kurt Buxmann   Head of Swiss Delegation ISO 14040, Alcan (Switzerland) 
9:35  EU Initiative: Which harmonisation is achieved with the PEF and OEF guides?
DF56-02 Galatola.pdf
Michele Galatola   DG Environnment EU  
9:55  Scientific initiative: The UNEP-SETAC Life Cycle Initiative and its position among the harmonisation initiatives
DF56-03 Mila_i_Canals.pdf
Llorenç Milà i Canals   UNEP/SETAC  
10:15  Sector initiative: Implementing EN 15804 in a harmonized way with the ECO platform. International activities in ISO TC 207/59
DF56-04 Schmincke.pdf
Eva Schmincke  PE International (Germany) 
10:35  Discussion    
10:45  Coffee break    
  Session 2: Experiences with the application of these initiatives Chair: Patrik Mouron  Agroscope (Switzerland) 
11:15  Global initiative: GHG Product Life Cycle Accounting and reporting Standard. An example on a product carbon footprint
DF56-05 Alles.pdf
Carina Alles  DuPont (Switzerland) 
11:35  EU initiative: The example of A.I.S.E.’s PEFCR pilot project on household liquid laundry detergents
DF56-06 Nissen.pdf
Sascha Nissen   International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products (Belgium) 
11:55  Sector initiative: Harmonised Environmental Sustainability in the European food & drink chain: Application of the ENVIFOOD protocol to SMEs: what is feasible and realistic?
DF56-07 Keller.pdf
Regula Keller, Niels Jungbluth   ESU-services (Switzerland) 
12:15  Discussion    
12:25  Lunch break    
  Session 3: Expectations, observations and objections of stakeholders Chair: Geneviève Doublet   FOEN (Switzerland) 
13:25  Politic: Role and position of the Swiss Federal Office for the environment regarding harmonisation and Environmental Declaration of Products
DF56-08 Hayer.pdf
Frank Hayer  FOEN (Switzerland) 
13:45  Scientific: What are the observations and expectations of the research? Focus on database in the agri-food sector
DF56-09 Mouron.pdf
Patrik Mouron  Agroscope (Switzerland) 
14:05  Standardisation: Synergies and conflicts between global, regional and sectorial standards – example PEF and OEF
DF56-10 Finkbeiner.pdf
Matthias Finkbeiner   TU Berlin (Germany) 
14:25  Practictioner: Dealing with different standards in practical work: examples on biofuels
DF56-11 Jungbluth.pdf
Niels Jungbluth   ESU-services (Switzerland) 
14:45  Discussion    
15:00  Coffee break    
  Session 4: Plenary discussion: Controversy about the harmonisation process    
15:25  Round table :
--- Topics see invitation text above
Thomas Göttin  FOEN (Switzerland) 
16:25  Wrap-up, announcement of DF 57 and farewell
DF56-12 Announcement DF57 Frischknecht.pdf
Geneviève Doublet   FOEN (Switzerland) 
16:45  End    
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