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DF 52: 52nd LCA Discussion Forum

How to integrate LCA communication in industry to promote its usefulness and avoid greenwashing

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Tuesday, June 25, 2013, Hotel Continental, Lausanne

Dear colleagues with an interest in Life Cycle Assessment,

We cordially invite you to the 52nd discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment.
The official language of this event is English

Scientific developments to support and improve accuracy of LCAs are continuously evolving. These developments not only yield increased knowledge and opportunities, but also a challenge to keep on top of the latest practices, methods, databases and tools on the market. Within this broad and complex field, there is a growing need for practitioners and industrial users to know (i) how to perform LCAs, (ii) how to apply LCA, and (iii) how to understand and challenge LCA results through critical assessment. This forum will provide an overview on why LCA can be difficult and confusing for industry, identify the current needs for LCA training at the company level, and identify the most critical and difficult issues to tackle. Examples of mistakes or unclear communication in public docu-ments will be presented to point out the importance of maintaining criticism and the risk of conscious or unconscious greenwashing.

This discussion forum will address the following questions:
• What are the prerequisites for communicating LCA results, respecting the philosophy of ISO standards and avoiding risks of unconscious greenwashing?
• What is the role of public authorities and policy makers in the current increase of environmental communication and labeling?
• How to communicate simple messages and graphics based on complex LCA results and data, while avoiding miscommunication?

Additionally, practical feedback from large companies will help to confront theory with the economic and marketing constraints of the private economy.

We look forward to meeting you in Lausanne!

The organizers of LCA Discussion Forum DF52


Download:    DF52-Programme LCA communication.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:30  Registration, coffee and croissants    
9:15  Welcome and introduction Yves LOERINCIK   Quantis  
Session 1  Theme: (internal) prerequisites for LCA communication    
9:25  Communication in LCA according to ISO standards
DF52-01 Zah.pdf
Rainer ZAH  Quantis (Switzerland/Germany) 
9:45  Is the role of governance in avoiding greenwashing in LCA communication overvalued?
DF52-02 Gaillard.pdf
Gérard GAILLARD   Agroscope ART (Switzerland) 
10:05  Engaging teams and decision makers (especially "Marketers") in LCA based initiatives
DF52-03 Classiot.pdf
Olivier CLASSIOT  Des enjeux et des hommes (France) 
10:25  Discussions    
10:45  Coffee break    
Session 2  Theme: feedback regarding environmental and LCA communication. The role of policy makers and public authorities    
11:15  The Single Market for Green Products Initiative: presentation of the initiative and the pilote phase
(via Teleconference)

DF52-04 Galatola.pdf
Michele GALATOLA  European Commission, DG Environment (Europe) 
11:40  Feedback on LCA communication - Consumers and environmental labelling
DF52-05 Vergez.pdf
Antonin VERGEZ   French Ministry of Environment (France) 
12:00  Feedback on LCA communication - European Food Sustainable Consumption and Production Round Table
DF52-06 Charad.pdf
Javiera CHARAD  Nestlé,
European Food Sustainable Consumption and Production Round Table 
12:20  Discussions    
12:35  Lunch break    
Session 3  Theme: how to best target consumers in LCA communication    
13:45  How to communicate social and environmental responsibity: risks and best practices of the private sector
DF52-07 Jahnich.pdf
Matthieu JAHNICH  Sircome (France) 
14:05  Data visualization in LCA: good practice and risks
DF52-08 Halloran.pdf
Raphael HALLORAN  Apptitude (Switzerland) 
14:25  Life Cycle Perception: why understanding what your customers understand is key to successful communication
DF52-09 Bascoul.pdf
Ganaël BASCOUL  Soon-Soon-Soon (France) 
14:45  Discussion    
14:55  Case study - communication politics about a packaging solution
DF52-10 Kahlert.pdf
Bettina KAHLERT  Climatop (Switzerland) 
15:05  Setting reasoned system boundaries to simplify communication and avoid greenwashing
DF52-11 Duric.pdf
Tijana DURIC  BASF SE (Germany) 
15:15  Coffee break    
Session 4  Theme: feedback regarding environmental and LCA communication. The point of view of private companies.    
15:45  Feedback on LCA communication
DF52-12 Epigrafi.pdf
Paolo EPIGRAFI -- Monica BIANCHI  STMicroelectronics (Italy) 
15:55  Feedback on LCA communication
DF52-13 Zinck.pdf
Sébastien ZINCK   Steelcase (France) 
Round table  The point of view of private companies Moderation: Carole DUBOIS  Quantis (Switzerland/Europe) 
16:05  Round table: the point of view of private companies Paolo EPIGRAFI -- Sébastien ZINCK -- Matthieu JAHNICH -- Antonin VERGEZ   
16:35  Wrap-up and closing remarks Yves LOERINCIK   Quantis  
16:40  Refreshment / Finish    
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