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DF 51: 51st LCA Discussion Forum

The role of environmental Life Cycle Thinking in long-term (energy) strategies

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Thursday, April 25, 2013, UVEK Aula, Ittigen-Berne

Dear colleagues with an interest in Life Cycle Assessment,

We kindly invite you to the 51st discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment.
The official language during this event is English.

More and more national and regional resource and energy strategies are being developed. After the Fukushima accidents several European countries like Germany and Switzerland decided a phase out of nuclear power. They are adjusting or rewriting their long-term national energy strategies. Environmental impacts are usually one element of these strategies. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is one approach that may help to identify environmentally optimal energy strategies.

The discussion forum will give the floor to present the Swiss and the German energy strategies. The role of LCA within these strategies is discussed and highlights of the most recent updates of electricity supply life cycle inventories are presented. Furthermore, sophisticated LCA approaches to deal with long-term future scenarios in a European and German context are explained and the application of LCA on future technologies such as carbon capture and storage and hydrogen is presented.

Workshops will allow for discussing the expectations and requirements on LCA used in long-term assessments from a policy makers, scientists and industry and consultants point of view.

This discussion forum will address the following questions:
- What are the key elements of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 and what is the role of LCA in this strategy?
- What are the main results of the updates of selected electricity supply chains (nuclear, natural gas, photovoltaics)?
- What is the role of environmental life cycle thinking in the development of national long-term strategies in Germany?
- How is or should life cycle assessment methodology being adjusted to account for future scenarios in a European context?
- How to assess energy technologies, which will only be installed in the future?

DF 51 will be available online through our live streaming solution.
The link will be available here : http://www.lcaforum.ch/Forum/tabid/57/Default.aspx

We look forward to meeting you in Ittigen-Berne!

The organizers of LCA Discussion Forum DF51
Rolf Frischknecht


Download:    DF51-Programme LC Thinking in long-term strategies.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:30  Registration, coffee and croissants    
9:15  Welcome and introduction
DF51-00 Frischknecht Intro.pdf
Rolf Frischknecht  treeze Ltd. (Switzerland) 
  The Energy Strategy 2050 and its environmental dimension Chair: Rolf Frischknecht   
9:20  The Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 and the Role of LCA in the Electricity Sector
DF51-01 Goldstein.pdf
Beat Goldstein  SFOE Swiss Federal Office of Energy (Switzerland) 
9:45  The Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 and the Role of LCA in the Building and Transportation Sectors
DF51-02 Gutzwiller.pdf
Lukas Gutzwiller  SFOE Swiss Federal Office of Energy (Switzerland) 
10:10  Discussion    
10:25  Environmental performance of electricity supply in Switzerland, an input to the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050
DF51-03 Bauer.pdf
Christian Bauer  PSI (Switzerland) 
10:50  Discussion    
11:00  Coffee break    
  European Energy strategies and the role of LCA Chair: Rolf Frischknecht   
11:30  The German Energy Transformation: Long-term policy making and the role of LCA
DF51-04 Pehnt.pdf
Martin Pehnt  ifeu Heidelberg (Germany) 
12:00  Policy dependent LCA outcomes, with examples on climate policy instruments
DF51-05 Huppes.pdf
Gjalt Huppes  CML Leiden (The Netherlands) 
12:30  Modeling the Impacts of Climate Protection Strategies on Resource Consumption and Emissions – a Dynamic LCA for the Heat Sector in Germany
DF51-06 Viebahn.pdf
Peter Viebahn  Wuppertal Institute (Germany) 
13:00  Lunch break    
  LCA and Technology Assessment Chair: Martin Pehnt   
14:00  Technology-specific life cycle assessment contributing to an energy strategy
DF51-07 Koelling.pdf
Axel Kölling  ERK Eckrohrkessel GmbH (Germany) 
14:20  Environmental evaluation of the hydrogen vector applied to future mobility
DF51-08 Verzat.pdf
Benoît Verzat  Quantis International (France) 
14:40  Carbon Capture and Storage: a future option for Switzerland?
DF51-09 Volkart.pdf
Kathrin Volkart  PSI (Switzerland) 
15:00  Meeting the NEEDS of European environmental sustainability assessment of future electricity supply
DF51-10 Frischknecht NEEDS.pdf
Rolf Frischknecht  treeze Ltd. (Switzerland) 
15:20  Basic life cycle inventory data for life cycle thinking in energy strategies: Electricity datasets in ecoinvent version 3
DF51-11 Treyer.pdf
Karin Treyer  PSI (Switzerland) 
15:30  LCA of the Swiss electricity mixes according to the energy strategy 2050
DF51-12 Wyss.pdf
Franziska Wyss  treeze Ltd. (Switzerland) 
15:40  Coffee break    
16:10  Plenary discussion:
Expectations and requirements on LCA used to support long term policies from
- policy makers (governments)
- scientists (academia)
- industry and consultants
Moderation: Lukas Gutzwiller   
17:00  Wrap-up and farewell Rolf Frischknecht  treeze Ltd. (Switzerland) 
17:05  Finish    
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