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50th LCA Discussion Forum

WATER in LCA: Which Assessment Techniques are Emerging or Ready? Including lots of challenging aspects.

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Tuesday December 04, 2012, ETH Zurich, GEP Pavillon (held in English)

Dear colleagues with an interest in Life Cycle Assessment,

We kindly invite you to the 50th discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment.
This event will be held in English.

Water-related issues have been considered in LCA in various ways, from the long-standing eutrophication, acidification and ecotoxicity methods, to the more recent water consumption aspects. Four years on from the first discussion forum on water in LCA, many developments have been made, resulting in a rich palette of approaches. Significant challenges still remain, related to the complexity of water systems and ecosystems. New challenges have emerged, such as how to fit these “pieces” together to form a coherent and comprehensive approach for assessing the impacts of water use (both degradative and consumptive). This discussion forum will present the current status of water use assessment in LCA, give some examples of experiences in application, and identify new and remaining challenges where future effort could be concentrated.

For the first time the Discussion Forum will be available via live web streaming on http://www.multimedia.ethz.ch/live.

Access to the live-streaming is free but a username and password is required. To gain access to the online platform please contact Catherine Raptis (raptis@ifu.baug.ethz.ch )) indicating:
a) Affiliation and
b) envisaged number of online viewers per institution.
This information will allow us to appreciate the usefulness of organising live web streaming for future Discussion Forums.

The 50th anniversary of the discussion forum will be celebrated with an apéro offered by treeze at the end of the day.

Looking forward to meeting you in Zurich!

The organizers of LCA Discussion Forum DF50:
Catherine Raptis, Danielle Tendall, Francesca Verones (ETH Zurich)


Download:    DF50-Water in LCA-Programme.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:30  Registration, coffee    
9:00  Welcome Catherine Raptis (CR), Danielle Tendall (DT), Francesca Verones (FV)  ETH Zurich (Switzerland) 
9:10  Water footprinting: where are we now?
DF50-01 Boulay_1.pdf
Anne-Marie Boulay  CIRAIG (Canada) 
  Recent developments    
9:25  Quantifying impacts of water use on wetlands of international importance
DF50-02 Verones.pdf
Francesca Verones (FV)   ETH Zurich (Switzerland) 
9:45  Endpoint characterization factors for freshwater eutrophication: testing different methods to obtain effect factors
DF50-03 Azevedo.pdf
Ligia Azevedo   Radboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands) 
10:05  Deriving an effect factor for the assessment of nitrogen emissions in brackish waters
DF50-04 Papangelou.pdf
Anastasia Papangelou  ETH Zurich (Switzerland) 
10:15  Discussion    
10:30  Coffee break    
  Challenges/emerging topics    
11:00  Advanced Water Stress Index
DF50-05 Pfister.pdf
Stephan Pfister   ETH Zurich (Switzerland) 
11:20  Integrating GIS-based regionalization into LCA calculations: the example of water
DF50-06 Mutel.pdf
Chris Mutel  ETH Zurich (Switzerland) 
11:40  Size and site matter: the case of river water use
DF50-07 Tendall.pdf
Danielle Tendall (DT)   ART (Switzerland) 
12:00  Assessing water deprivation at the sub-watershed scale in Life Cycle Assessment
DF50-08 Loubet.pdf
Philippe Loubet  Veolia/Irstea (France) 
12:10  Discussion    
12:30  Lunch break    
  Short presentations    
13:30  WULCA task #3: Quantitative comparison of water impact assessment methods
DF50-09 Boulay_2.pdf
Anne-Marie Boulay  CIRAIG (Canada) 
13:40  LCA water footprint methods and inventory datasets – What are the requirements? Where are the gaps?
DF50-10 Markwardt.pdf
Stefanie Markwardt  Institute for Energy and Environmental Research Heidelberg GmbH Germany 
13:50  A low-effort approach to determine water use from cradle-to-grave
DF50-11 Joa.pdf
Bettina Joa  Pforzheim University (Germany) 
  Applications and experiences    
14:00  Water Footprint of Volkswagen Passenger Cars – Results and Challenges
DF50-12 Berger.pdf
Markus Berger  TU Berlin (Germany) 
14:20  Water, Environment and Economy: WWF’s experiences
DF50-13 Gnehm.pdf
Felix Gnehm  WWF Switzerland 
14:40  Water footprinting: case studies in the food and beverage sector, learnings and gap identification
DF50-14 Vionnet.pdf
Samuel Vionnet, Lindsay Lessard, Sébastien Humbert  Quantis (Switzerland) 
15:00  Discussion    
15:20  Coffee break    
15:50  Input (topics, summary) CR, DT, FV  ETH Zurich (Switzerland) 
16:00  Discussion    
16:30  Plenary, Summary of outcomes    
16:50  Wrap-up CR, DT, FV  ETH Zurich (Switzerland) 
17:00  50th anniversary LCA DF: Apero offered by treeze    
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