48th LCA Discussion Forum

ecoinvent v3 – an introduction to the new features & data

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Wedensday June 13, 2012, Dübendorf, Empa Akademie (in English)

Dear colleagues with an interest in Life Cycle Assessment,

We kindly invite you to the 48th discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment.

The ecoinvent Centre provides the most relevant, reliable, transparent and accessible LCI data worldwide. The new version 3 offers a variety of improvements and exciting features. This includes enhanced flexibility of multiple system models based on the same unit process data, parameterization and integration of formulas, a better and directly integrated documentation, and many other attractive options. Furthermore, many data collection projects expand and update the database, e.g. water use data for many processes, new data for fruits and vegetables, or further national electricity mixes.

In this Forum, the ecoinvent Centre together with its carrying institutes (Empa, ETH, PSI, EPFL and agroscope ART) will introduce to you these new features, components and data of ecoinvent v3 and demonstrate how they can be used to increase the quality of LCA studies.

We look forward to meeting you in Dübendorf

The organizers of LCA Discussion Forum DF48:
Roland Hischier (EMPA, ecoinvent centre)


Download:    DF48-ecoinvent v3-Programme.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
9:00  Registration, Coffee    
9:30  Welcome & Introduction Gérard Gaillard  Head of ecoinvent Board, Zurich (CH) 
  Part I – Introduction to ecoinvent v3 Moderation: Gérard Gaillard  Agroscope ART & ecoinvent Board (CH) 
9:45  ecoinvent v3 – new dimension for international LCI DB
DF48-01 Weidema - introduction ecoinvent v3.pdf
Bo Weidema  ecoinvent Centre (CH) 
10:05  ecoinvent – a common platform for your LCI datasets
DF48-02 Hischier - common platform.pdf
Roland Hischier  ecoinvent Centre (CH) 
10:25  Questions / Discussion    
10:45  Coffee break    
  Part II – New modelling principles in ecoinvent v3 Moderation: Stefanie Hellweg  ETH Zurich & ecoinvent Board (CH) 
11:15  System models & linking of datasets into systems
DF48-03 Wernet - system models.pdf
Gregor Wernet  ecoinvent Centre (CH) 
11:45  Using parameterization to handle co-products from combined & joint production
DF48-04 Weidema - combined and joint production.pdf
Bo Weidema  ecoinvent Centre (CH) 
12:15  Questions / Discussion    
12:45  Lunch break ---» standing lunch (offered by the ecoinvent Centre)    
  Part III – Data in ecoinvent v3: General issues Moderation: Rainer Zah   Empa & ecoinvent Board (CH) 
14:00  Overview of new data
DF48-05 Hischier - data overview.pdf
Roland Hischier  ecoinvent Centre (CH) 
14:15  ecoinvent internationalisation projects
DF48-06 Wernet - internationalization.pdf
Gregor Wernet  ecoinvent Centre (CH) 
14:30  Adaptation of existing data to new modelling principles
DF48-07 Levova - central update activities.pdf
Tereza Lévová  ecoinvent Centre (CH) 
14:45  New water data in ecoinvent v3
DF48-08 Pfister - water in ecoinvent.pdf
Stephan Pfister  ETH, Zurich (CH) 
15:00  Questions / Discussion    
15:15  Coffee break    
  Part IV – Data in ecoinvent v3: Examples Moderation: Stefan Hirschberg  PSI & ecoinvent Board (CH) 
15:45  New electricity mixes
DF48-09 Bauer - electricity in ecoinvent v3.pdf
Christian Bauer  PSI, Villigen (CH) 
16:00  Fruit and vegetable data
DF48-10 Stoessel - fruits and vegetables.pdf
Franziska Stössel  ETH, Zurich (CH) 
16:15  New passenger transport data
DF48-11 Del Duce - person transport.pdf
Andrea Del Duce  Empa, Dübendorf (CH) 
16:30  New and updated agricultural data
DF48-12 Nemecek - agriculture.pdf
Thomas Nemecek  Agroscope ART Reckenholz-Zurich (CH) 
16:45  Questions / Discussion    
17:00  Closing Remarks Gérard Gaillard  Head of ecoinvent Board, Zurich (CH) 
17:15  Farewell Apéro (offered by the ecoinvent Centre)    
17:45  Finish    
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