46th LCA Discussion Forum

End-of-life and waste management in life cycle assessment

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
December 6, 2011, ETH Zurich, Main Building, GEP pavilion

Dear colleagues with an interest in Life Cycle Assessment,

We kindly invite you to the 46th Discussion Forum on Life Cycle Assessment: End-of-life and waste management in life cycle assessment. This event will be held in English on Tuesday the 6th of December 2011 in Zürich at the ETH.

Efficient waste management is a key component in society’s strategy to mitigate the adverse effects of its economic activities. With novel emerging products and materials, established waste management systems are continuously posed with new challenges to protect humans and the environment. Through its comprehensive system approach, LCA is frequently put forward as a suitable tool for the assessment of waste management activities. This DF will present some of the latest methodological developments in LCA, as well as novel practical applications, related to end-of-life and waste management. A focus will be placed on identification of existing and arising ‘weak spots’ in LCA, and strategies to strengthen the position of LCA as decision support tool in waste management and waste-related policy making.

We look forward to meeting you in Zürich!

Dominik Saner, Carl Vadenbo and Tobias Walser (ESD/ETH Zurich - CH)


Download:    DF46-EOL Mgmt-Programme.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:30  Registration, coffee and gipfeli    
9:15  Welcome and agenda Dominik Saner (DS)  ESD/ETH Zurich (CH) 
  Block 1 -- Policy/General    
9:25  Sustainable End-of-Llife treatment: Fiction or vision?
DF46-01 Scharnhorst.pdf
DF46-01 Scharnhorst.ppsx.zip
Wolfram Scharnhorst  Sustainable Water Management, Zurich (CH) 
9:50  Between disagreement and consensus in waste-LCA: Illustration with a comparative LCA of different grape marc recovery options
DF46-02 Laurence Hamon.pdf
Laurence Hamon  Quantis International, Paris (FR) 
10:15   Nestlé’s approach to end-of-life of packaging materials
DF46-03 Nina Cleeve-Edwards.pdf
Nina Cleeve-Edwards  Nestlé Research Centre, Lausanne (CH) 
10:35  Life cycle assessment of end-of-life options for two biodegradable packaging materials: in support of flexible application of the European waste hierarchy
DF46-04 Vincent Rossi.pdf
Vincent Rossi  Quantis, Lausanne (CH) 
10:45  Coffee break    
  Block 2 -- Recent development in research    
11:00  Waste management in ecoinvent v.3
DF46-05 Gabor Doka.pdf
Gabor Doka  Doka LCA, Zurich (CH) 
11:25  Identification and assessment of future waste management options – The case of packaging glass in Switzerland
presentation not available for download
Grégoire Meylan  NSSI/ETH Zurich (CH) 
11:50  Life cycle assessment of waste incineration in Switzerland
presentation not available for download
Michael Bösch  ESD/ETH Zurich (CH) 
12:00  Operational research and LCA combined for regional waste and resource management
DF46-08 Carl Vadenbo.pdf
Carl Vadenbo (CV)  ESD/ETH Zurich (CH) 
12:15  Engineered nanooxides in municipal waste incineration: An appropriate end-of-life treatment option?
presentation not available for download
Tobias Walser (TW)  ESD/ETH Zurich (CH) 
12:40  Lunch break    
  Block 3 -- E-waste and scarce metal recovery    
13:45  EU control of chemicals applied to e-mobility
DF46-10 Carsten Dietsche.pdf
Carsten Dietsche  External member of Environmental Research Centre (UZU), Halle (DE) 
14:10  LCA of the Swiss e-waste recycling system
DF46-11 Roland Hischier.pdf
Patrick Wäger & Roland Hischier   Empa / Technology & Society Lab, St. Gallen (CH) 
14:35  LCA experience on rechargeable batteries
DF46-12 Jan Tytgat.pdf
Jan Tytgat  Umicore, Hoboken (BE) 
15:00  Coffee break    
  Block 4 -- Short presentations and workshop    
15:15  Short presentations:    
  LCA4Waste - Improving the transparency in waste management
DF46-13 Amélie Orthlieb.pdf
Amélie Orthlieb  Holcim Group Support, Holderbank (CH) 
  Food Waste and the Myth of Packaging Impact
DF46-14 Anne Himeno.pdf
Anne Himeno  Bluehorse Associates, Neuilly-sur-Seine (FR) 
  Evaluation of Best Available Technologies in waste handling using LCA considerations
DF46-15 Annina Gaschen.pdf
Annina Gaschen  Neosys AG, Gerlafingen (CH) 
15:35  Introduction to Workshop DS, CV, TW  ESD/ETH Zurich (CH) 
15:35  Workshop    
16:20  Feedback, wrap-up and farewell DS, CV, TW  ESD/ETH Zurich (CH) 
16:30  Finish    
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