45th LCA Discussion Forum


Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
15. September 2011, Ittigen (near Berne), Verwaltungszentrum des UVEK

Input-Output tables (IOT) are an economic methodology in order to investigate and analyse different production and consumption sectors in a given country or economic region. Such IOT can be extended with information on emissions and resource uses in order to analyse environmental impacts in relation to economic outputs or expenditures of production and consumption sectors. The instrument of environmentally-extended input-output-analysis (EE-IOA) thus allows the analysis of environmental impacts for whole countries better than life cycle assessment (LCA). By some researchers this type of analysis is also used as an alternative or supplement to LCA. Data from such an approach can be combined with LCA in hybrid-analysis in order to estimate the environmental impacts of inputs for which LCI data are missing.

So far environmentally extended input-output-analysis was rarely used in Switzerland mainly because of lack of data. A Swiss study has recently investigated the total environmental impacts of Swiss consumption and production with this approach (http://www.esu-services.ch/projects/ioa/). Within this project a hybrid-methodology was developed for assessing the imports by combining trade statistics and LCA data. This is of specific importance for a Swiss analysis because of the large dependency on trade with foreign countries. The inventory data are freely available in EcoSpold format and can thus be used by LCA practitioners (http://www.lc-inventories.ch). They cover all emissions and resources that are assessed with the ecological scarcity method 2006. The study shows that environmental impacts due to imports are more important than domestic impacts.

The forum will also discuss the economic background, uncertainties and possible improvement options of such an analysis. International speakers are invited and will provide a broader view on this approach. The application of EE-IOA data in different types of software will be explained in workshops.
We invite all LCA practitioners and other people interested in this approach and results from this study.

We look forward to meeting you in Berne!

Niels Jungbluth (ESU-services), Carsten Nathani (Rütter+Partner) & Josef Känzig (FOEN)


Download:    DF45-EE-IOT-Programme-1.0.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:30  Registration, Coffee and Croissants    
9:15  Welcome
DF45-01 Josef Känzig.pdf
Josef Känzig  Effizienzagentur Schweiz AG 
  Environmental impacts of Swiss consumption and production    
9:20  Measuring total environmental impacts of Swiss consumption – needs and expectations from a policy perspective
DF45-02 Loa Buchli.pdf
Loa Buchli  FOEN 
9:35  Using input-output analysis for environmental analysis
DF45-03 Carsten Nathani.pdf
Carsten Nathani  Rütter+Partner 
10:00   Extending the IOA for investigating the environmental impacts of Swiss consumption and production
DF45-04 Niels Jungbluth.pdf
Niels Jungbluth  ESU-services Ltd. 
10:30  Discussion    
10:50  Coffee break    
  Further research examples from Switzerland    
11:20  Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on economic sectors of Jordan based on I/O analysis with an adapted version of the ecological scarcity method
DF45-05 Fredy Dinkel.pdf
Fredy Dinkel,
Marc Bachmann 
11:40  Use of IOA and combination of economic and environmental data in ecoinvent v3
DF45-06 Bo Weidema.pdf
Bo Weidema  ecoinvent Centre 
12:00  Discussion    
  Short presentations    
12:10  External Cost Values to be Applied in the EE IO Framework of EXIOPOL
DF45-07 Wolf Müller.pdf
Wolf Müller  IER Stuttgart 
  Using the Swiss ecological input-output analysis 2005 in municipal solid waste management – the case of glass packages
DF45-08 Grégoire Meylan.pdf
Helen Ami,
Grégoire Meylan 
Umweltnatur- und Umweltsozial- wissenschaften, ETH Zürich 
  Evaluation of process- and Input-Output-based Life Cycle Inventory Data with Regard to Truncation and Aggregation Issues
DF45-09 Guillaume Majeau-Bettez.pdf
Guillaume Majeau-Bettez  Norwegian University of Science and Technology 
12:30  Lunch break    
  Similar studies and approaches in other countries    
13:35  Environmental impact of production and consumption in the US economy (video conference)
DF45-10 Sangwon Suh.pdf
Sangwon Suh  University of California, Santa Barbara 
14:00  Approach and results in the EXIOPOL and other European EE-IOA projects
DF45-11 Arnold Tukker.pdf
Arnold Tukker  TNO 
14:30  Parallel Workshops with examples of using EE-IOA in practical work incl. Coffee break    
  Using Swiss EE-IOA data in SimaPro LCA software
DF45-12 Niels Jungbluth.pdf
Niels Jungbluth  ESU-services Ltd. 
  Providing economic data for ecoinvent v3 (Room 303, FOEN) Bo Weidema  ecoinvent Centre 
  Using EE-IOA data in EMIS (Room 302, FOEN) Fredy Dinkel  Carbotech 
  Coffee break    
16:20  Feedback, wrap-up and farewell Niels Jungbluth,
ESU-services Ltd. 
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