44th LCA Discussion Forum


Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
June 21st, 2011, 9h00, Lausanne, Hôtel Alpha Palmiers

We kindly invite you to a special discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment, sponsored by the Nestlé Research Center in Lausanne.
The official event language is English

The food and beverage (F&B) industry is one of the most important economic sectors using Life Cycle Assessment. Over the last twenty years, some companies have been developing LCA internally and using this methodology to reduce the environmental impact of their products. The food consumption contributes substantially to the environmental footprint of our society, which underlines the responsibility of the F&B industry. In the current international context of increasing pressure from consumers, environmental labelling, environmental information and future legislation on environmental product declarations, LCA will be increasingly integrated into the strategies and decision making processes of companies (Life Cycle Management).
LCA of food and beverages has some specific challenges unknown or nor so relevant in other economic sectors, which requires a special attention from the scientific community. Some of them are the great variability of the primary production processes, data availability for a huge number of very diverse products, the importance of indicators on water use and ecosystem quality, numerous co-products at the agricultural production stage, and a strong dependence on the user choices and behaviors.
This 44th Discussion Forum will give insight how the different actors of the food chain apply LCA within their organisations in order to satisfy the expectations of society regarding their environmental responsibility. We want to enhance the understanding of these challenges as well as the collaboration between all the stakeholders along the food chain, from the agriculture production up to the consumer.
This discussion forum will address the following questions:
 How is LCA used by different actors in the food and beverage supply chain?
 What are the current main issues and obstacles?
 What are the best practices and innovative ways of using LCA in this sector?
 What is the current status of standardisation initiatives?
 What are the important trends for the future of LCA in this sector?

We look forward to meeting you in Lausanne!
Gérard Gaillard and Yves Loerincik


Download:    DF44 Programme.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:30  Registration, Coffee and Croissants    
9:10  Welcome: Introducing the topic
DF44-01 Gerard Gaillard.pdf
Gérard Gaillard and
Yves Loerincik 
  Food processing    
9:30  LCI data for energy consumption in food processing
DF44-02 Neus Sanjuan.pdf
Neus Sanjuan  University of Valencia 
10:05  LCA in the development of new food products: Nestlé eco-design tool
DF44-03 Urs Schenker.pdf
Urs Schenker  Nestlé 
10:30  Secondary databases on agri-food products: Finding the optimum level of detail
DF44-04 Ricardo Teixeira.pdf
Ricardo Teixeira  Blue Horse Associates 
10:45   Coffee break    
11:15  Environmental footprint: LCA approach in Danone’s Ambition
DF44-05 Jean Christophe Bligny.pdf
DF44-05 Jean Christophe Bligny.zip
Jean Christophe Bligny  Danone 
  Primary production    
11:50  Environmental impacts of Swiss milk production – an analysis from the project LCA-FADN
DF44-06 Martina Alig.pdf
Martina Alig  ART 
12:15  Environmental Impacts of water use in global crop production
DF44-07 Stefanie Hellweg.pdf
Stefanie Hellweg  ETH 
12:45  Discussion All referees   
13:20  Standing lunch    
  Short presentations    
14:25  Effects of applying direct land use change in GHG-balance – the case of cocoa agriculture
DF44-08 Maurice Marquardt.pdf
Maurice Marquardt  Öko-Institut e.V. 
  Trade and Consumption    
14:35  Comparative life cycle assessment of a cup of espresso made using a packaging and distribution system from Nespresso Espresso and three generic products
DF44-09 Sebastien Humbert.pdf
Sébastien Humbert  Quantis 
15:00  Environmentally friendly food consumption: What does this mean for consumers?
DF44-10 Niels Jungbluth.pdf
Niels Jungbluth  ESU-services Ltd. 
15:25  Coffee break    
15:55  Sociodemographic aspects in a LCA of the food consumption in Germany – with a focus on animal-based foods
DF44-11 Toni Meier.pdf
Toni Meier  University of Halle 
16:20  Discussion All referees   
17:00  Feedback, wrap-up and farewell Sébastien Humbert  Quantis 
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