43th LCA Discussion Forum

Life Cycle Assessment Of Electromobility - Answers And Challenges

Discussion forum on Electromobility
April 6, 2011, 9h15, Zürich, ETH Central Building, GEP Pavillon

We kindly invite you to the 43rd discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
The official language during this event is English

Alternative ways and means of transportation are necessary in order to reduce the environmental impacts of mobility. In the recent years biofuels were first seen as a main option and then LCA showed also possible hazards of this development. Recently, public interest is rapidly shifting towards electro mobility. Therefore it is necessary to also gain better knowledge about the environmental impacts of this technology. This includes a modelling of the pathways of the necessary increase in electricity supply and an appropriate modelling of battery manufacture. At this forum most recent results of life cycle assessment studies of electric car driving compared to driving fossil- and agro-fuelled cars will be presented. The environmental performance of individual and public electric mobility will be discussed in view of promising win-win strategies. Policy implications and research needs derived from current LCA work will be highlighted.

The forum will profit from the input of several topical experts, covering aspects such as electricity demand of electric vehicles in everyday life, marginal electricity supply mixes, design, performance and manufacture of batteries as well as resource and raw materials availability.

This discussion forum will address the following questions:
 What is the state of the art information underlying todays LCA of electric cars?
 Do we know enough about the long-term performance and supply chain of batteries?
 How might an increase in electricity demand affect the (Swiss) consumer mix?
 What are crucial aspects to be considered in an LCA of electric mobility to support public policy making?

We look forward to meeting you in Zürich!

Rolf Frischknecht

Program as of April 4, 2011

Download:    DF43 Programme.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8.30  Registration, Coffee and Croissants    
9.15  Welcome and introduction
DF43-00 Intro.pdf
Rolf Frischknecht  ESU-services Ltd. 
  LCA of electric car driving: policy and research context Chair: Arthur Braunschweig   
9.20  LCA E-Mobility: Current results of the Fraunhofer System Research for Electromobility (FSEM) and need for further research
DF43-01 Michael Held (v2).pdf
Michael Held  LBP 
9.45  Electric vehicles in a future energy system context – LCA and policy implications
DF43-02 Udo Lambrecht.pdf
Udo Lambrecht  ifeu 
10.10  Life cycle assessment of driving electric cars and scope dependent LCA models
DF43-03 Rolf Frischknecht.pdf
Rolf Frischknecht  ESU-services Ltd. 
10.35  Methodological approaches for determining marginal electricity mixes
DF43-04 Martin Jakob.pdf
Martin Jakob  TEP Energy GmbH 
11.00  Coffee break    
  LCA of electric car driving: mobility context Chair: Rolf Frischknecht   
11.30  Electric mobility – opportunities for sustainable transport by rail and road
DF43-05 Markus Halder.pdf
Markus Halder  SBB 
11.55  Comparative assertion of battery electric cars with various alternatives
DF43-06 Hans-Joerg Althaus.pdf
Hans-Jörg Althaus  Empa 
12.20  Life cycle emissions comparison of all-electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric passenger cars
DF43-07 Andrew Simons.pdf
Andrew Simons  PSI 
12.45  Lunch break    
  LCA of electric car driving: technical aspects and future developments Chair: Rolf Frischknecht    
13.45  Electricity consumption: Real life compared to driving cycle performance
DF43-08 Marc-Andre Beck.pdf
Marc-André Beck  Kamoo 
14.10  Emobility at Saft and JCS
DF43-09 Clemence Siret.pdf
Clémence Siret  Saft 
14.35  Availability of raw materials and resources used in electric cars
DF43-10 Lorenz Erdmann.pdf
Lorenz Erdmann  IZT, Berlin 
15.00  Comparative life-cycle assessment of electric and conventional vehicles in Portugal
DF43-11 Fausto Freire.pdf
Fausto Freire  University of Coimbra 
  EASYBAT: Easy and safe battery switch in an EV
DF43-12 Inbal Fried.pdf
Inbal Fried  Better Place 
15.30  Coffee break    
  Plenary discussion    
15.45  Lessons learned and lessons to be learned in view of public policy making and technology development Moderation: Arthur Braunschweig   
16.30  Feedback, wrap-up and farewell Rolf Frischknecht   
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