42nd LCA Discussion Forum

Integrating biodiversity in LCA

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment (location map see below at page bottom under "Registration")
November 19, 2010, Lausanne, Hotel Alpha-Palmiers

The importance and complexity of biodiversity require relevant and representative indicators that reflect changes in biodiversity at multiple levels (e.g. species, communities and ecosystems) and at multiple spatial scales (e.g. local, regional, national). Although it may be unrealistic to expect LCA to cover all of these aspects, current methods of integrating biodiversity into LCA lack a comprehensive approach. Until now, they have focused primarily on a change at the community level (species richness and density) at the European scale. New developments in LCA methodology need to reflect this inherent complexity and spatial variability. A discussion of possible approaches for the future will serve to guide research efforts toward achieving this goal.

Final Program

Download:    DF42 Programme.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
9.30  Registration & Coffee    
10.00  Welcome Michael Curran, Francesca Verones, Laura de Baan  ETH, Zurich, Switzerland 
  Recent methodological developments in LCA    
10.10  Biodiversity loss and LCA: what is the state of the art?
DF42-01 Michael Curran.pdf
Michael Curran  ETH, Zurich, Switzerland 
10.30  A global approach to assess land use impacts on biodiversity in LCA
DF42-02 Laura de Baan.pdf
Laura de Baan  ETH, Zurich, Switzerland 
10.50  A global approach towards assessing acidification impacts on plants
DF42-03 Ligia Azevedo.pdf
Ligia Azevedo  Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands 
11.10  Water use impacts on groundwater dependent ecosystems: a framework for identifying hotspots of potential damage
DF42-04 Francesca Verones.pdf
Francesca Verones  ETH, Zurich, Switzerland 
11.30  Multi-scale multimedia modelling of toxic impacts on freshwater biodiversity
DF42-05 Cedric Wannaz.pdf
Cedric Wannaz  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA 
11.50  Lunch    
  Case-studies of biodiversity assessments using LCA    
13.20  Impact on biodiversity of agricultural land use and production in LCA
DF42-06 Jeanneret Philippe ART for public.pdf
Philippe Jeanneret  Research Station Agroscope Reckenholz-Taenikon (ART), Zurich, Switzerland 
13.40  Biodiversity impact assessment of Austrian organic and conventional dairy products
DF42-07 Christian Schader.pdf
Christian Schader  Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), Frick, Switzerland 
  A view from outside of LCA    
14.00  Assessing deforestation in product supply chains
DF42-08 Julien Troussier - The forest trust.pdf
Julien Troussier  The Forest Trust, Crassier, Switzerland  
14:20  Integrating biodiversity loss in LCA – A perspective from the UNEP SETAC Life Cycle Initiative
DF42-09 Mireille Rack - UNEP.pdf
Mireille Rack (Guido Sonnemann/Sonia Valdivia)  UNEP DTIE, Paris, France 
14.40  --- cancelled --- Assessing impacts to biodiversity: myth and reality Pedro Rosabal  IUCN, Gland, Switzerland  
15.00  Rio Tinto’s approach on biodiversity evaluation
DF42-11 Paola Kistler - Rio Tinto.pdf
Paola Kistler  Rio Tinto, Switzerland 
15.20  Coffee break    
  Future challenges    
15.50  Summary of future challenges and themes for discussion Michael Curran, Francesca Verones, Laura de Baan  ETH, Zurich, Switzerland 
16.00  Group discussion – separate groups Participatory session   
17.00  Wrap up and farewell Michael Curran, Francesca Verones, Laura de Baan  ETH, Zurich, Switzerland 
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