40th LCA Discussion Forum

Developments in Impact Assessment Methods, with a Focus on 'Recipe' and on Abiotic Resources

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
April 2010, ETH Zürich Central Building, GEP Pavilion

This 40th Discussion Forum will address recent developments in impact assessment. In its first part the discussion forum will focus on last developments concerning Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) methodologies. In the second part, the debate will concentrate on the impact assessment of abiotic mineral resource use, with an overview on currently used methods and a discussion on how gravel is assessed in Ecopoints ’06.

Final Program

Download:    DF40-00 developments in LCIA-program_final.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:30   Registration    
  Part 1: Developments in Life Cycle Impact Assessment    
9:15   Welcome and Introduction:
Goals and Topics of the day
Arthur Braunschweig,
Carole Dubois  
9:30   ReCiPe 2008:
The major changes from Eco-indicator'99 & CML to the new mid-, endpoint and weighting method

DF40-01 Goedkoop-ReCiPe Overview.pdf
Mark Goedkoop   
10:45  Coffee break    
11:10  Short presentations
DF40-02 Jungbluth-total balance.pdf
  1. Evaluating the importance of emissions and resource uses in the total environmental impacts Niels Jungbluth  esu-services 
  2. Emergy to assess abiotic depletion in LCA
DF40-03 Scacchi-Emergy.pdf
Costanza Scacchi,
Henri Tudor  
11:40  The EU LCIA project:
Analysis and recommendations on Life Cycle Impact assessment methods

DF40-04 Goedkoop-EU Selecting LCIA.pdf
Mark Goedkoop  PRé Consulting, NL 
12:30  Lunch break    
  Part 2: Non-renewable resources in LCIA    
14:00  Different visions on resource depletion:
A review of various approaches

DF40-05 Schryver-Resource Assessment.pdf
An de Schryver   
14:30  Why to assess gravel use – and which gravel?
Effects of the gravel ecofactor in UBP'06 on LCA's of gravel and concrete

DF40-06 Braunschweig-Gravel assessment.pdf
Arthur Braunschweig   
15:00  The BAFU view on Mineral Resources' assessment in Impact Assessment
DF40-07 Egli-BAFU View on Mineral Resources.pdf
Peter Gerber and colleagues   BAFU-FOEN 
15:30  Coffee break    
16:00  Endpoint assessment and ISO 14’040:
How does 'Endpoint Assessment' fit into the understanding of Impact Assessment and Weighting according to ISO 14’044?
Short Introduction statements by various participants
Arthur Braunschweig  
16:40  Conclusions and farewell Arthur Braunschweig,
Carole Dubois  
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