39. LCA Discussion Forum

Regionalization in LCA

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
November 13, 2009, 9:30, ETH Zurich, Semper Aula

Regionalization allows for explicit spatial modeling in both life cycle inventories and life cycle impact assessment. However, there are numerous challenges in determining the correct spatial scale for a particular environmental problem, gathering the geographically encoded data, and integrating this assessment into standard LCA practice. This discussion forum will showcase recent and ongoing research on all levels of regionalization, including case studies. The following themes will be addressed:

- The need for regionalization
- Errors that will be reduced by the inclusion of regionalization
- Datasets available for regionalization in LCI and LCIA
- Methods and procedures for regionalized LCIA
- Standards necessary for regionalized data
- Level of geographic detail needed.

This discussion forum is intended to spur discussion between businesses and practitioners who need regionalization, and academics working on regionalized LCA.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Zurich,
Chris Mutel and Stephan Pfister


Download:    DF39_regionalization_program.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
9:00   Registration    
9:30   Welcome Chris Mutel,
Stephan Pfister 
  The Need for Regionalization    
9:50   The Challenge of Using Regionalized LCA at Nestlé
DF39-01 Schenker-regionalization at Nestle.pdf
Urs Schenker  Nestle 
10:10  Requirements on regionalization solutions from the professional software provider perspective – a contribution to the discussion from the GaBi group
DF39-02 Baitz-regionalization solutions.pdf
Martin Baitz  PE International 
10:25  Regionalization in LCA: what can be learned from MFA and I/O Analysis Susanne Kytzia  HSR Rapperswil 
10:50  Coffee break    
  Regionalized Life Cycle Inventories    
11:10   Development of a regionalized agricultural production inventory
DF39-04 Nemecek- regionalized agricultural production inventory.pdf
Thomas Nemecek  ART 
11:30   Development of an Italian LCA database of building materials: Regionalising existing LCI data for the Italian situation
DF39-05 Breedveld-LCI building materials Italian situation.pdf
Leo Breedveld   2B, Italy 
11:50   Regionalization of Chinese life cycle inventories
DF39-06 Amato-public housing in Hong Kong.pdf
Alex Amato  Davis Langdon 
12:10  GIS-based regionalization, and implementation in new LCA data formats
DF39-07 Mutel-GIS-based regionalization.pdf
Chris Mutel  ETHZ 
12:30  Lunch    
  Regionalized Life Cycle Impact Assessment    
14:00  Impacts of water consumption: uncertainties and the question of scale
DF39-08 Pfister-water uncertainty regionalisation.pdf
Stephan Pfister  ETHZ 
14:20  Regionalization in Social LCA
DF39-09 Weidema-regionalisation in social LCA.pdf
Bo Weidema  2.-0 LCA consultants 
14:40  Making regionalization a reality in life cycle assessment of human health impacts
DF39-10 Humbert et al-LCA of human health.pdf
Sebastien Humbert  Ecointesys 
15:00  Spatial variability and optimal regional scale for the assessment of intake fractions
DF39-11 Manneh-regional scale for Canadian emission.pdf
Rima Manneh  CIRAIG 
15:20  Regionalization and parameterization of LCA and LCIA of energy systems
DF39-12 Heck-LCA and LCIA of energy systems.pdf
Thomas Heck  PSI 
15:40  Summary of talks, including insights and emerging questions from regionalization session at SETAC Göteberg and LCA IX in Boston
DF39-13 summary and input for group discussion.pdf
Stephan Pfister,
Chris Mutel,
Sebastien Humber 
  Coffee and small group discussions    
16:00  Coffee and informal group formation    
16:05  Small group discussions on specific themes    
16:50  Insights presented by the small groups    
17:10  Wrap-up and farewell Chris Mutel,
Stephan Pfister 
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