38. LCA Discussion Forum

Environmental Assessment of Future Technologies: How to trim LCA to fit this goal

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
June 19, 2009, Zurich, ETH Central Building, 09h15, GEP Pavilion

We kindly invite you to the 38th discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
This event will be held in English
New and innovative technologies have to compete with well-established and mature technologies. Even though new and innovative technologies may claim substantial efficiency gains in the future, they are assessed based on their current performance, measured in the lab or in pilot plants.

Thus, the environmental assessment of such future technologies faces several challenges. Firstly, the performance and efficiency of operational scale technologies will differ from those of laboratory or pilot scale equipment or from performance and efficiency figures gained with process modeling. Secondly, the basic economic, environmental and social conditions will change with time and thus will differ from the basic conditions of our current economy, environment and society. Neglecting such expected changes in the environmental assessment of future technologies may lead to a severe impediment for the market entrance and growth of promising future technologies. Thirdly, the predictions of technological, societal, economical and environmental developments are inherently uncertain and therefore subjected to dispute.

Within the recently accomplished NEEDS project (New Energy Externality Developments for Su-stainability, 6th framework program of the European Commission) on the improvement of the assess-ment of external costs of electricity supply, experiences were gained in the field of long-term environmental technology assessment with the help of life cycle assessment. The discussion forum will on one hand shed light on the main drivers and principles that ensure a sensible and fair assessment of far future technologies. We will listen to representatives from national and international companies, who tell us their approach in long-term strategic planning and the potential role of LCA. On the other hand, the most recent European developments in the identification of specific external damage costs per kg resource extracted and pollutant emitted will be touched upon.

The DF 38 will especially discuss the following questions:
- Is there a role for LCA in far future technology development?
- If yes, how to trim LCA to fit to this role?
- How does industry assess future trends in consumer needs and product development?

We look forward to meeting you in Zürich!
Rolf Frischknecht & Wolfram Krewitt

Final Program (updated June 19, 2009)

Download:    program_DF38_final.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:30   Registration, Coffee and Croissants
DF38-03 Ott-Biodiv assessment.pdf
9:15   Welcome
DF38-01 Frischknecht-Welcome.pdf
Rolf Frischknecht   ESU-services 
  External costs and multi-criteria decisions
DF38-02 Krewitt-external cost of future electricity supply systems.pdf
9:20   External cost assessment of future electricity supply systems * Wolfram Krewitt  DLR 
9:45   Monetary assessment of land use * Walter Ott  econcept 
10:10  Multi Criteria Decision Analysis of power systems *
DF38-04 Hirschberg_MCDA power systems.pdf
Stefan Hirschberg  PSI 
10:35  Discussion    
10:45  Coffee break    
  Long-term LCI modeling aspects    
11:15   LCI of future electricity supply systems *
DF38-05 Frischknecht-LCI of future electricity supply systems.pdf
Rolf Frischknecht   
11:40   Integrated Modeling and Analysis of Power and Transportation Systems
DF38-06 Galus-Power and transportation systems.pdf
Matthias Galus   Power Systems Laboratory, ETHZ 
12:05   Integrating Technical Scaling Laws into LCA
DF38-07 Caduff-Scaling.pdf
Marloes Caduff  Empa 
12:30  Discussion    
12:40  Lunch break    
  Industry implementation and case studies    
13:40  Long-term power generation visions in the context of economical and political realities
DF38-08 Graenicher-long-term power generation.pdf
Walter Gränicher   former President Alstom Power Service and President Alstom Switzerland 
14:10  Environmental assessment of future photovoltaics Mariska de Wild-Scholten  ECN Solar Energy 
14:20  Eco design of a solar lawn mower; lessons learned with LCA
DF38-09 de Wild-Scholten-Future photovoltaics.pdf
Jacques Richard, Eric Vittecoq  HES-SO Genève / hepia 
14:30  Factory Planning for a Start-up Technology - Based on selected criteria for Oerlikon Solar’s PV technology
DF38-11 Steimen-Factory planning2.pdf
Irene Steimen  Factory Planning Oerlikon Solar 
14:40  Coffee break    
15:10  Sustainable Urban Form: Using LCA Tools to Appraise Current and Future Technology Options
DF38-12 Chester-Sustainable indicators in ReVISIONS.pdf
Matthew Chestetr  University of Leeds 
15:20  Clean Sky Project - Assessing new technologies for aircrafts
DF38-13 Vionnet.pdf
Samuel Vionnet  Laboratory of Composite and Polymer Technology, EPFL 
15:30  Innovative Technologies to reduce Resource Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions - the Case of Lightweight Boards
DF38-14 Feifel-Lightweight boards.pdf
Silke Feifel  FZK, ITAS-ZTS 
15:40  Prospective assessment of nanotechnology: case study on silver in textiles
DF38-15 WalserTobias_LCA of Nanotechnology.pdf
Tobias Walser   Master Student ETHZ 
15:50  Discussion: role of and requirements on LCA regarding long-term development of products and technologies Rolf Frischknecht    
16:30  Feedback wrap-up and farewell Rolf Frischknecht    
results from the NEEDS project
(New Energy Externality Developments for Sustainability, 6th framework program of the European Commission)
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