Assessment of Water Use within LCA (held in English)

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
Thursday, 5th of June 2008, 9:30 - 17:30h, Zurich, ETH Main Campus, GEP Pavilion

We are pleased to invite you to the 35th discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment on June 5, 2008.

This Discussion Forum will address new scientific developments and methodological issues focusing on the evaluation of water use and water resource depletion in the framework of LCA and related environmental assessment methods. The meeting will provide an overview on the current state-of-the-art and, from the perspective of business and authorities, identify the needs for mapping the water consumption and evaluating the associated environmental impacts of global operations and product value chains. Oral presentations will be dedicated to water assessment tools, schemes to integrate water resource flows in the life cycle inventory, and new concepts and approaches for modeling the impact pathways and mechanisms of water use and water resource depletion.
The specific goals of the conference will concentrate on:

• Improving the linkage between LCI and LCIA with respect to water resource extraction and consumption;
• Providing guidance for reporting water extraction and use in corporate eco-balances, environmental reports, and in life cycle inventories;
• Enhancing the understanding of the impact assessment of water use;
• Fostering the discussion on methodological challenges and practical implementation of the assessment concepts developed.

The intended audience encompasses researchers, database developers, consultants and practitioners from industry working in the field of environmental assessments. The discussion forum will have a scientific and methodological focus. Although only few ready-to-use methods for assessing water consumption have been published so far, also practical and operational evaluation schemes for business and industry will be presented.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Zurich,

Annette Köhler, Stephan Pfister, and Rolf Frischknecht

Final Program

Download:    DF35_program_v20080425.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
09:00  Registration    
09:30  Welcome    
09:35  Water use in LCA and other environmental assessment methods: State-of-the-art and future challenges
Annette Köhler  ETH Zürich 
  Water Use triggered by Consumption: A Global Perspective    
10:00  Strategies, approaches, and methods in integrated water resources management of international development cooperation
Thomas Zeller  DEZA (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation) 
10:30   Virtual Flows - Real Impacts: Measuring the water footprint of a consumer Ashok Kumar Chapagain  WWF UK 
11:00  BREAK    
  Water Use in Industry    
11:30  Water management and Nestlé
DF35_04_Greverath_DF35-Water management an integral part of Nestle.pdf
Pascal Greverath  Nestlé 
12:00  Business in the World of Water:
Strengthening the fact base - WBCSD Global Water Tool

DF35_05_Boffi - WBCSD GWT.pdf
Anne-Léonore Boffi  WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development) 
12:30  Compensation scenarios for potable water supply as a metric for the LCA of water resources depletion
DF35_06_Vince_LCA Forum_35.pdf
Francois Vince  EPFL & Veolia 
13:00  LUNCH    
  Environmental Impact Indicators for Freshwater Use    
14:15  Assessing Freshwater Use Impacts in LCA: Inventory Modeling and Characterization Factors for the Main Impact Pathways
DF35_07_Mila-i-Canals_Water in LCA.pdf
Llorenc Milà i Canals  Unilever 
14:45  Water-use related ecosystem impacts: Comparing different indicators on global scale
Stephan Pfister  ETH Zurich 
15:15  Characterization factors for damages to aquatic biodiversity caused by water use
DF35_09_Humbert - CF for aquatic biodiv of dams.pdf
Sebastien Humbert  University of California, Berkeley 
15:30  BREAK    
  Environmental Impact Indicators for Freshwater Use    
16:00  Regionalized assessment of fresh water abstraction within the ecological scarcity method 2006
Rolf Frischknecht  ESU-Services 
16:25  Considering the specifics of regional water resources in vegetable cultivation
DF35_11_Dinkel_Water ressources in LCA.pdf
Fredy Dinkel  Carbotech 
16:40  Discussion    
17:30  Farewell    
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