34th LCA Discussion Forum

Life Cycle Assessment versus CO2 footprint? (in English)

Discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment
13th March 2008 Lausanne, 9 h 00, Hôtel Alpha Palmier (in front of the railway station)

We are pleased to invite you to the 34th discussion forum on Life Cycle Assessment on March 13th 2008.

The forum will be followed by the 2nd International ecoinvent Meeting on Friday March 14th 2008 in Lausanne, at the Polydôme, EPFL.

Both events will be held in English.

The importance of the climate change issue has grown impressively these last months. Companies and authorities today deal with carbon footprint assessment, carbon labelling, carbon offsets and other instruments. Currently, there are two different approaches to assess the climate impact of processes and organisations: either with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methods, or based on the greenhouse gas protocol (www.ghgprotocol.org) and its 'partners' e.g. the GRI Global Reporting Initiative and the WBCSD World Business Council for Sustainable Development. The two approaches use different concepts and therefore may yield different GHG emission results. In addition, LCA is not limited to climate change but includes other impacts on the environment. Does the fact that climate change is the current prime subject allow or justify not to consider other impacts?

The DF 34 will discuss the following questions:

- Which are the relevant differences between the two approaches of LCA and GHG protocol concerning GHG accounting? Is GHG accounting an "LCA light"?
- In which cases is it useful to focus the environmental assessment on GHG emissions only?
- How should GHG emission certificates be considered in an LCA / Ecobalance?
- What are the implications of the GHG methodology development on the life cycle assessment methodology?

We hope that this forum will be of interest for you and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Lausanne.

Arthur Braunschweig, Sarra Harbi and Yves Loerincik

Final Program

Download:    DF34_program_v2.pdf 

Time Title Speaker Affiliation
9:00  Welcome Yves Loerincik  Ecointesys 
9:10  The relation between LCA and GHG accounting (14040, 14064, GHG protocol, Kyoto rules, GHG credits accounting)
Arthur Braunschweig, E2   
9:40  Comparing carbon footprint with impact-oriented life cycle methodologies: a meta-analysis
DF34_02_Huijbregts_Climate footprint_MH.pdf
Mark Huijbregts, Radboud University Nijmegen (NL)   
10:10  An authority's view on the relation between GHG accounting and LCA
Norbert Egli, Federal office for the environment (BAFU/OFEV)   
10:40  Break    
11:10  How are the GHG credits calculated? How should an institution calculate its credit demand?
David Wettstein, MyClimate   
11:40  Labelling of food products: based on LCA or what…?
Pascal Greverath, Nestlé; Christian Rüttimann, COOP    
12:20  Scoping and calculation issues of 'climate neutral products', a Swiss multi-stakeholder project
Daniel Lehmann, Thomas Ruddy, KlimaPro    
12:40  Break    
  The ‘carbon footprint’ – an unreliable indicator of environmental sustainability
Guy Castelan, Plastic Europe    
  LCA in greenhouse gas quantification: more than a « may be »
Sophie Fallaha, École Polytechnique de Montréal    
  Validation of carbon footprints
Wolfgang Berger, DFGE – Institut für Energie – Okologie, Okonomie   
  Development activities and status of PAS2050
Graham Sinden, Carbon Trust   
  Calculation of CO2 reduction figures; How Much CO2 can be compensated?
Niels Jungbluth, ESU-Services   
  Implementing sustainable strategy at Alcan packaging
Isabelle Jenny, Alcan   
  Analysing the carbon intensity of companies with I/O data and LCA data
Yvan Maillard, Centre Info   
  From rigorous LCA approach to implementable CO2 reporting scheme
François Vuille, E4Tech   
  Experiences and possible improvements of greenhouse gas accounting – examples from the City of Stockholm and a project with the WWF
Stefan Johansson, Royal institute of Technology, Stockholm   
15:40  Break    
16:10  Implications on GHG accounting and LCA / Ecobalancing methods Discussion   
16:50  Good-bye    
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