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Mission and Organisation 

LCA practitioners working in industry, consulting companies and administration and LCA scientists. Each LCA forum is dedicated to a specific topic of immediate interest related to

  • experiences and challenges with LCA application in industry and administration
  • scientific questions in life cycle inventory and life cycle impact assessment metholodogy development
  • dissemination of new scientific findings and results of relevant LCA studies

The LCA Discussion Forum is a platform for the exchange between Internationally reknown speakers are invited according to the topic to present their work. Each forum offers an "open floor" session for short presentations. The LCA forum is dedicated to people interested in the field of LCA, working in Switzerland and abroad. Its content is defined by an advisory board.

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Current Meeting

DF 60 — Environmental use of wood resources. 

Friday, December 4th, 2015, Zürich (in English).

Wood is a renewable resource that can be used for a large number of applications ranging from material to chemical to energy applications. In the past wood resources have been underused in Switzerland, but this is changing rapidly with the demand for more environmentally sustainable products and energy. It is therefore crucial to use the available wood resources in an ecologically optimal way.

This discussion forum invites speakers that present life cycle assessments of wood uses within specific sectors (e.g. building and energy sectors) as well as speakers that present analyses across different sectors (systemic perspective). Additionally, recent developments in life cycle inventory modelling of the wood sector as well as new methods to assess the environmental impacts associated with the use of wood products will be presented. We intend to provide a new perspective on an ecological use of wood resources that is relevant to scientists, policy makers and practitioners. 


Future Meetings

DF 61-63 — Discussion Forum series 2016. 

Three discussion fora are provided for 2016.

More information will be available from 6 December 2015 respectively.


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